Our Research

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Research Areas

Data  Deep Learning
(Life log, Network, Facial, Baseball)

Medical Image Processing
(Eye Fundus, Bone and Chest X-Ray)

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and Transformer

Reinforcement Learning
and Mobile Edge Computing

Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT)

Network Softwarization
(NetSoft – SDN/NFV)

“Autonomous” Ad hoc
and Sensor Networks

Human “Things” Interactions
(Things: Robot, Drone, Energy)

General Information

The Intelligent Networking Laboratory is an academic unit within the Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). Our mission is to conduct fundamental research and solid experimental to achieve  intelligent and high capacity, highly reliable, secure network softwarization based on various machine learning algorithms. The current and past sponsors include government agencies (e.g., NRF, IITP, and ETRI), renowned global companies (e.g., SAMSUNG, LG), and SMEs (e.g., NEXDIGM, CHAHOO). The Intelligent Networking Laboratory’s designations range from undergraduate honor’s students to postdoctoral research associates and visiting scholars. Our state-of-art researches are actively conducted based on collaborations with researchers not only in Korea but also abroad.

Lab Location

26313A, 27301, 26317

College of Computing

Sungkyunkwan University

Jangangu, Seobu-ro 2066, Suwon 440-746 Korea

Tel: +82-31-290-7226         Fax: +82-31-299-4134

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